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Rosh Chodesh Women's Circle

Rosh Chodesh Women's Circle


Review of the last 5 years
- Read Rebbetzins Gutnick's address at the RCWC finale - Sept 22 2014

See photos of RCWC events here.  

Past RCWC Functions:

RCWC Tishrei 75 web.jpg RCWC Sivan 5774.jpg 

RCWC Adar1 5774.jpg RCWC Tammuz 5773.jpg

RCWC Adar 5773.jpg RCWC Shevat 5773.jpg

RCWC5773.jpg RCWC Av 5772.jpg

RCWC Tammuz 5772.jpg RCWC Nissan 5772.jpg

RCWC Shvat 5772.jpg RCWC new.jpg 
RCWC Av 5771.jpg RCWC Tammuz 5771.jpg

RCWC Iyar 5771 copy.jpg RCWC Nissan 5771 copy.jpg
RCWC Adar 5771.jpg RCWC Kislev 5771 web.jpg
RCWC Cheshvan 5771.jpg RCWC Elul.jpg
RCWC Sivan.jpg RCWC Iyar email.jpg
RCWC Adar small.jpg RCWC Shvat.jpg 
RCWC Kislev2.jpg RCWC Cheshvan2.jpg