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Sale of Chametz Form

Sale of Chametz 2024
DELEGATION OF POWER OF ATTORNEY FOR SALE OF CHOMETZ I, the undersigned do hereby fully empower and authorize Rabbi Gavriel Fogelgarn through “Kinyan Suddar” and/or through this document, to sell and transfer all legal title of all the following items of property possessed by me, to anyone of his choice: 1. All products made of either barley, oats, wheat, rye or spelt, which are Chometz according to Jewish Law and/or tradition. 2. All products containing any mixture or derivative of the grains described above, which are CHOMETZ according to Jewish Law and/or tradition. 3. All items which have been prepared together with CHOMETZ. 4. Any and all items of property which the MISHNEH BERURAH, compiled by the Chofetz Chaim, lists or describes as being those items which may not be owned by persons of the Jewish Faith during the Pesach holiday. 5. All items about which there is an unresolvable doubt whether they fall in the above categories. 6. Items to which above categories 1-5 are attached and were not able to be cleaned. (List, if applicable) _____________________________________________ Examples of chometz which need to be sold are: Cereals, Pasta, Snacks, Whisky, Sauces etc. I also authorize Gavriel Fogelgarn to lease all or any property wherein the above mentioned items owned by me may be found as he deems fit, and for such a time which he believes to be proper. The keys to these premises is available at (Address) ______________________________________________________________________________. I authorize whoever has my key to open the premises to the buyer of my Chometz when he produces this document. I also give said Gavriel Fogelgarn full power and authority at appoint a substitute in his stead with full power to sell and lease as provided herein.
Address/s where Chometz lies & keys to the premises held
MM slash DD slash YYYY




As part of the celebration of Pesach we are instructed in the Torah to remove all chametz from our possession. People who possess chametz that can/will not be removed or destroyed before the festival, may arrange for their chametz to be sold to a non‑Jew.

This is not just a mere ritual but is carried out in a legal manner. It therefore has to be carried out by a Rabbi who ensures that the sale is legally binding. The Rabbi must be empowered to conduct this sale on behalf of any individual wishing to sell chametz. This should preferably be done in person, but in the case of emergencies may be done by empowering the Rabbi to conduct the sale either by sending an agent, or by sending a Power of Attorney in writing to the Rabbi.

The empowering of the Rabbi must however take place before the morning of Erev Pesach, Monday, 22nd April, at which time the Rabbi will be arranging the sale of all chametz to a non‑Jew. After Pesach the non‑Jew is approached to sell the chametz back to the original owners.

The chametz that is sold must be stored away and locked up in such a manner that its original Jewish owner should not accidentally use it.  The Rabbi should be informed of the places where the chametz lies. The cupboard or room is also legally rented to the non‑Jew over the Pesach period, so that his chametz does not lie in the Jew’s property.

Please note that business premises, offices, factories, cars, sheds etc. belonging to a Jew must be cleaned and all chametz disposed of or sold.

Chametz remaining in the possession of a Jew over Pesach may not be used, eaten, bought or sold after Pesach.


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