Setting of the Tombstone

We are taught that the soul is brought into Gan Eden, when the tombstone is erected. For that reason, some erect the tombstone on the day following Shiva.
Others wait until thirty days and still others wait until twelve months. There is no definitive time frame but the general custom in our Ashkenazi community is to dedicate the stone about a year after the death. Please contact the office to make a date and time.

It is customary to engrave the Hebrew name of the deceased and his or her parents’ names, as well as the Hebrew date and year of passing on the tombstone.

Consecrations are generally conducted on Sundays. Please contact Rabbi Shmuel directly on 9531 1945 or Please ensure that there is sufficient time for the tombstone to be completed.

It is a custom to place a pebble or stone on the tombstone, showing that the grave has been visited.