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Who we are
A portal for people to connect with their Jewish Heritage, themselves and each other.

Our vision
To be a thriving, caring and welcoming community, guided and inspired by our Torah, creating an environment where all Jews can connect, grow and feel a sense of belonging.

Our goal
To engage the Jewish community by having a full yearly calendar of services and events that are vibrant, meaningful and well attended.

Elwood Shule is a vibrant and growing community which has earned a reputation for its warm, friendly and inclusive approach to Judaism and to life in general. More than just a Synagogue, our Shule provides a wide range of services, events and programs catering for all interests and age groups in our community.

Our Shule is motivated by its name Beit Avraham – Avraham’s Home – Named after one of our first Presidents and pioneers of our congregation Mr. Abe Sicree ob’m.

In our Patriarch and Matriarch Avraham and Sara’s home all were welcome, from the poorest traveller to the wealthiest merchant. They were made to feel a part of their household; and they left satiated, physically and spiritually.

That’s Elwood Shule! A congregation in which any and every Jewish person feels comfortable, feels welcome and a part of our family. No matter their background or their financial situation, and no matter where they are on their Jewish journey.

We continue to develop many different entry points to our Shule; an array of opportunities through which men, women & children of all ages can connect, with our Shule, with the State of Israel, with each other, with themselves and with G‑d  – in a relevant and meaningful way.

Morning and evening services are conducted throughout the week. Shabbat services are conducted on Friday evening, Saturday morning and afternoon. In addition, services are held on the evenings of, and on the days of all Chagim.

Elwood Shule is a community where people are taken seriously, and where an individual’s needs, concerns or questions are given proper attention and are treated with sensitivity, understanding and compassion.

We are a community of people who support each other, help each other in times of difficulty and share both happy and sad times together.

Simchas are a specialty at Elwood! Weddings, call ups, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Births and Britot are conducted and acknowledged in a meaningful way.

Join us!

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