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Our logo is in the form of a ‘stained glass’ flame, representing the unique stained glass windows of our Shule, lovingly created and generously donated by Mrs. Adela Shaw.

The flame symbolises warmth, vibrancy, passion, spirituality and our resolve to always strive higher. The flame is also an eternal memorial of the founders of our congregation.


  1. You’re welcome: We are a warm and welcoming community, constantly aspiring to maintain an environment in which every Jewish person, regardless of their background and where they are on their Jewish journey, feels comfortable, valued and respected.
  2. Our Torah: We are committed to learning, promoting and adhering to the teachings of our Torah and Jewish law.
  3. Make the connection: More than just a Shule, we offer a variety of opportunities through which Jews of all ages can connect with our Jewish Heritage, with our Shule, with each other, with themselves, with G-d and with Israel.
  4. Positive and meaningful: Whether you come to pray, socialise, study or to mark a lifecycle occasion, your experience at Elwood Shule should be positive, inspiring and meaningful.
  5. Past, present and future: We constantly strive to remain current, innovative and relevant, yet never lose sight of where we have come from – as a people and as a community.
  6. Our eternal Homeland: We embrace the centrality of Israel in Jewish life and support a strong, vibrant and peaceful Israel.
  7. Proudly Australian: We are thankful for our great country Australia and for the opportunities and freedoms we are afforded. We recognise the importance of contributing to the society in which we live.
  8. Safety and Security: We take the safety and security of all those who attend our Shule seriously, by actively following the guidelines and recommendations of Victoria Police and the CSG.

We pledge our unwavering commitment to safeguard children and young people by adopting appropriate policies, practices and behaviour, recommended by the Government’s Commission for Children and Young People. We believe everyone, specifically children and young people, who attend our Shule should feel comfortable and be safe at all times.

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