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Elwood Shule has a range of educational activities spanning textual learning, discussions and one off talks and lectures.

Listen to this week’s ‘Therapeutic Parsha’ Podcast
A short discussion on well-being based on the Torah Portion of the week, with Rabbi Shmuel Karnowsky & Rabbi Daniel Rabin.

Enjoy our previous podcasts: HERE on Apple Podcasts & HERE on Spotify.

Forthcoming Shiurim:

Pesach: A deep dive into the four cups of wine
Join us for an in depth discussion of the
What? Why? When? Who? How?
Thursday, 31 March, 7:45pm with Rabbi Shmuel
In Shule after Maariv and on Zoom www.elwoodshule.org/zoom
The Basics:

Hebrew reading? Jewish Life Skills? A quick reminder how to put on tefillin? Please contact Rabbi Shmuel on 0433 676 300.

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