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Elwood Shule has a range of educational activities spanning textual learning, discussions and one off talks and lectures.

Monday Lunch Learning, 12:30pm

Give your week a boost with inspiration from the Parsha with Rabbi Shmuel. Virtual on www.elwoodshule.org/zoom

Talmud Thursday night, 8pm

With Rabbi Shmuel At Elwood Shule – Scan QR code on arrival (Mincha /Maariv 7:30pm)

We are currently studying tractate of MegillahIt primarily focuses on explaining all of the Laws that apply to the holiday of Purim. Additionally, it devotes considerable space to the general Laws of Synagogues and Torah readings. It has four chapters.

The Basics

Hebrew reading? Jewish Life Skills? A quick reminder how to put on tefillin? Please contact Rabbi Shmuel on 0433 676 300.

Rabbi Shmuel’s Thoughts & Reflections

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