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Please contact Jack Lipson on 9531 1547 for more information.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Shule!

Thank you for considering becoming a Member of Elwood Shule.

Our Shule is more than just a Shule. It is a community of people who support each other, help each other in times of difficulty and share both happy and sad times together.

Not only is it an honour and responsibility of every person in a Jewish community to be a member of a Shule, it also comes with benefits:

  • access to our wonderful Rabbi and pastoral care team
  • access to a permanent Shule seat
  • discounted life cycle events (a member will save on the cost of a Bar / Bat Mitzvah, or a wedding and pay no fee for a funeral or consecration)
  • discounted entry to some of our functions and hall hire
  • voting rights
  • making your voice heard

Our Board of Management, Rabbi & Rebbetzin and staff work throughout the year, not just to ensure the success of the High Holyday services, but to be there for our members throughout the year, for regular and ongoing Services, activities and events and for their life cycle events.

Membership and seat rental fees are the backbone of our Shule’s financial support. Timely payment of fees enables the Rabbinical team, Board and staff to provide the best possible service to you, our Shule Community.

In order to become a member of Elwood Shule, the Constitution requires that you complete a membership application form and pay the relevant annual fee.

Together with your completed membership application form, you will also need to provide us with copies of your and/or your parent’s Ketubah together with your birth certificate; or a copy of your certificate of orthodox conversion.

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