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Epic Lag B’Omer

Monday, 11 May at 6pm
Your home

Lag B’Omer is fast approaching! Instead of each individual community doing their own online celebration, how about we have Jews from across the country come together for one epic Lag B’Omer event!

Here’s the plan: 18,000 people for 18 epic minutes on the 18th of Iyar (Mon, 11 May) at 18:00 (6pm)!

Rivki and I and our family will be there! Elwood Shule will be there!
Will YOU be there to help make history?

Surely this will bring much Chai (life, numerically 18) into our lives and into the world.

More info: www.18for18.com.au and www.facebook.com/18kfor18

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