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The Light of Fire – Film Screening

Wed, 29 July at 7:15pm
Your home

A film about heartbreaking loss and inspiring resilience, The Light of Fire, tells a story about family, faith and courage.

The past couple months have been perhaps the most consequential in our lifetimes. So many of us are finding ourselves focusing more on the things that really matter, like our family and friends, and our spiritual connections.

The Light of Fire tells the story of the American-Israeli artist, Yoram Raanan, who begins painting again after losing forty years of work in a sudden fire. Even as the flames still licked his studio, Yoram insisted that he would not be weighed down by his loss, rather he would rebuild with renewed vigor and come out of this stronger. Painting by painting, Yoram pushed ahead with his vision, despite the many who doubted him.

We have chosen to screen this film on Tisha B’Av. It is after all the most tragic day of loss on the Jewish calendar. It is the day both Holy Temples fell, and when many other tragedies happened to the Jewish people throughout history.

Yet, Tisha B’Av is also a day of birth and hope. For the greatest light is born amid the greatest darkness.

Join us virtually on Zoom, Wed, 29 July, www.elwoodshule.org/zoom.
7:15pm A synopsis of Eicha – Lamentations, traditionally read on Tisha B’av eve.
7:30 Film Screening – The Light of Fire.

May Tisha B’Av once again be a day of light and true hope.

Title Yoram and Meira Raanan KK53
Subtitle Yoram and his wife Meira Raanan
Created 19.12.2017
Location Moshav Beit Meir in the Judean Hills Israel
Client Bentzi Avtzon

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